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In the Beginning (Bereshith) God Created the Light

In the Beginning (Bereshith) God Created the Light

The book of Genesis reveals that God created humans and animals on the same day, the sixth day of the creation. Human beings were formed from the dust of the ground. If there was no image of God in human beings, and if there was no spirit of God in humans, humans and animals would have no differences. Thankfully, humans do have the spirit of God within them and are made in God’s image and his likeness. In In the Beginning (Bereshith), author Andrew Choi examines the book of Genesis, telling the stories of and examining the lives of the characters within. With discussion questions and reflections included, he shares the lessons that today’s Christians can glean from this book that forms the basis of the Bible. Choi tells how Genesis is a theological book, a story of God. Genesis is the restoration, redemption, and reconciliation story of the panorama unfolding from ancient times until now.


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