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New Life the Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

New Life the Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

Jon Val jean, in the story of Les Miserables, was a convict and a murderer. The cold and condemning world made his heart increasingly hardened because people hurt him with their prejudice and unforgiving spirit. He endured a wild and difficult 19 years of prison life. Even after having been released, a more severe coldness awaited him in the world. Jon Val jean could have easily become angrier and meaner. However, one priest’s forgiveness and unconditional love changed him into an honorable man. Jon Val jean became a marvelous Christian. It was the priest who helped him to start a new life. To this angry and hateful convict who ran away after stealing the priest’s silver spoon, the saintly priest gave Jon Val jean even more valuable things and said in front of the police who caught Jon Val jean, “Jon Val jean, I gave you much more than this silver spoon. Here, take all this silver candles.” After the police left, the priest said to Jon, “With this silver candles, I will ransom your soul from anger and hatred. I buy your soul from the devil and give your soul back to God.” These words and the compassionate heart of the priest changed Jon Val Jean’s whole life. That was what Christ did for us; He ransomed us by His death in order for us to become a changed people.

We are new creation in Christ Jesus

The Old has gone! The New has come!


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